Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Column on why companies need to support muni WiFi

In this month's issue of Mobile Enterprise Magazine (Dec '05), my column lays out a case for companies to support their city's or county's effort to deploy municipal WiFi.

It’s time for companies to lead, follow or get out of the way

The discussion of municipal broadband wireless as a practical solution for business needs has been hijacked by a handful of companies and reduced to meaningless sound bites about inappropriate business pursuits by cities. Those of you in the commercial sector should be paying careful attention, because this discussion affects your businesses.

Plainly stated, city and county governments (aside from their legislative role) are business operations. They take in revenue (taxes) to provide a product (services), and their ROI is determined by how much service they provide relative to their budgets. Governments have operational issues similar to commercial entities, including legions of mobile workers and numerous physical assets that must be managed.

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